Volume 8 Issue 1, 2001

A Study of Knowledge-level by Some Pests Affecting on Apple Trees and Methods of their Control, for Farmers in Some Regions Shabiat AL Gabal Alaktar
Dakhel H. Al.Zobaidy, Mohammed A. Mohammed, Salah Sergiwa and Omran Abusalah Abugela, 2001; 8 (1) 9-23  pdf

The behaviour of honey bee Apis mellifera L. that visit Rosmary flower Rosmarinus officinalis L. in Al-Gabal Alakhaer region
Ali A. Bataw and Intisar B. Lamin, 2001; 8 (1) 24-41  pdf

Measuring the Inflation gap of Production Costs for Strategic Crops In Iraq to put alternative price model
Osman H. AlSadi, 2001; 8 (1) 42-54  pdf

The Role of Extracellular Polysaccarides Excreted By Different Isolates Of Xanthomonas campestris pv. Vesicatoria On Occurance Of Some Disease Symptoms
Azzeddin M. Alawami and Fathy S. El-Musmary, 2001; 8 (1) 55-69  pdf

Study Of Mosaic Disease On Pepper Plant In EL-Marj County Of Green Mountain District
Yunis Ali Taib, Omar Mussa Alsanousi and Fathi S. El-Musmary, 2001; 8 (1) 70-88  pdf

Radon Concentration Measurement Indoors and Outdoors
Mohammed Kassim AlFakhar and Fawzi Abdulkariem Ikraiam, 2001; 8 (1) 89-97  pdf

Biocontrol of Date palm Dust mite Oligonychus afrasiticus (Acarina: Tetranychidae) using predatory mite, Eutogens punctata (Acarina: Cheyetidae: prostigmata)
Omran A. Abuyila, Haloma M. Kerra and Ali Albahi, 2001; 8 (1) 98-105  pdf

The status of food consumed in the Great Jamahiriya in terms of Food additives and contaminants
Ramadan E. Abdolgader, Salem O. El-Fergani and Yahya Khamis Ardia, 2001; 8 (1) 106-120  ​pdf

Biological Control of Early Blight Disease on Tomato Plant on Al-Gabal Al-Akhdar District
Ramadan E.

Nwara A. Mohamed, Mohammed A. Saeed, M.G. El-Samman and Issa A. Abugharsa(1, 2001; 8 (1) 121-135  ​pdf

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