Volume 6 Issue 1, 1999

Relative abundance of some wheat and barley insects at Al–Mareg region
A. M. Al – Ali, H. Hamednalla, I. El–Gheriani and H. Ekaram, 1999; 6 (1) 9-21  ​pdf

Maxima on the Electrical Conductivity Isotherms in Aqueous Solutions of Some Transition Metal Salts
Saber El–Sayed Mansour and Mohammed Hasan Haroon, 1999; 6 (1) 22-28  ​pdf

Effect of nitrogen level on tiller production and contribution to yield in durum wheat (Triticum durum) under supplementary irrigation and rainfed conditions
G. A. Haddad and Abdel M. M. Abdalla, 1999; 6 (1) 29-38  ​pdf

Infection of Cyprinid (Barbus sharpeyi) Fish With Plerocercoid Larvae of the Tapeworm ligula intestinalis
Nahad Walli Alkhalidi, 1999; 6 (1) 39-45  ​pdf

Quinine effects on normal spontaneous activity and on acetyl choline–induced contractures of rabbit ileal smooth muscle
Khalid. H. M. Saad, 1999; 6 (1) 46-54  ​pdf

Effect Of External Labor Force in Agricultural Development of Jabel El–Akhdar Region, North East Libya
Ali M. Faris and Abdul Razak A. Hassan, 1999; 6 (1) 55-67  ​pdf

Survey of House Cockroaches Species and Their Population Density in North – East Libya
A. M. Amer and F. O. El–Awami, 1999; 6 (1) 68-80  ​pdf

Effects of Four Organophosphorus Insecticides Use to Control Aphis Compositellae Theobald on Some of Their Natural Enemies
Ibrahim A.R. Al–Jabery and Abdul Baki M.H. Ali, 1999; 6 (1) 81-89  ​pdf

Hydrolytic Behavior of Ions
Saber El-Sayed Mansour, 1999; 6 (1) 90-100  ​pdf

Velocity Distribution at Contraction Zone Around Bank–Protection Structures
Abdul Kareem S. Shehab, 1999; 6 (1) 101-108  ​pdf

Study of Performance of Suspended Flat Plate air Heater
Y. Yakhour, 1999; 6 (1) 109-116  ​pdf

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