Volume 5 Issue 1, 1998

Evaluation of characteristics and zones of flow around spur-dikes constructed on rivers with a wide flood-plaines
Abdulkareem. S. Shehab, 1998; 5 (1) 9-18  ​pdf

Calculation of afflux around spur-dikes constructed on rivers with a compound cross-sections
Abdulkareem. S. Shehab, 1998; 5 (1) 19-26  ​pdf

Mathematical model for motion of the wheel of transport vehicle
Salman. A. H, 1998; 5 (1) 27-42  ​pdf

Failure Dependence of Semiconductor Devices on Low Temperatures
M. R. Salem and L. A. Talat, 1998; 5 (1) 43-65  ​pdf

Primary indicators of foreign trade situation of Arab countries
Ali. M. Faris and Faisal M. Shalloof, 1998; 5 (1) 66-85  ​pdf

The use of different extension methods by agricultural agents in Baghdad, Iraq during and before sanction
K. K. Ali, 1998; 5 (1) 86-96  ​pdf

The effect of caffeine drug on normal rhythmic contractions and on acetylcholin-induced contraction of Rat Ileal smooth muscles
Khalid H. M. Saad, 1998; 5 (1) 97-110  ​pdf

Cystic echinococcosis (Hydatidosis) in sheep, goats, cattle and camels in Shahat Abattoir Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar-Libya
Nahad Walli Al-Khalidi, 1998; 5 (1) 111-120  ​pdf

Hydatidosis in Human Beings in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar Area in Libya
Nahad Walli Al-Khalidi, 1998; 5 (1) 121-130  ​pdf

Toxicity and residual effects of Diflubenzuron against field and susceptible strains of Spodoptera Littoralis (Boisd)
Ibrahim M. El-Ghariani andAli A. Bataw, 1998; 5 (1) 131-142  ​pdf

A Preliminary study of insects associated with some Weeds in El-Beida region in Libya
A. H. Amin, A. A. Bataw and I. M. El-Ghariani, 1998; 5 (1) 143-150  ​pdf

Readily available materials for rearing adult stage of the Mediteranean Fruit-fly Ceratitis capitata (wied) (Diptera: Tephritidae
O. A. Abugela and S. A. Al-Eian, 1998; 5 (1) 151-159  ​pdf

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