Volume 4 Issue 1, 1997

The Contribution of Some Production and Reproduction Traits to the Variation in Holstein-Friesian Female Birth Weights
Kharoofa A. D. S, S. A. Salhab, M.-K. A. Ahmed and A. A. Zaied, 1997; 4 (1) 9-24  ​pdf

Factors affection dairy performance Friesian and Friesian X Iraqi crosses II-Persistency of milk production
L. M. Al-Ani and A. A. Al-Rawi, 1997; 4 (1) 25-37  ​pdf

Development of a meter for the combined flow through contracted sluice gate and weir
Fadhil H. Ahmed, 1997; 4 (1) 38-62  ​pdf

Influence of roughages on carcass traits of Iraqi, Awasi and Karadi sheep
Adeeb Daoud Suleiman and Abbas Aliawi Nasser, 1997; 4 (1) 63-73  ​pdf

Comparative Performance of Imported and Home Bred Holstein Friesian Cows
A. D. S. Kharoofa, M-K. A. Ahmed, S. A. Salhab and A. A. Zaied, 1997; 4 (1) 74-92  ​pdf

Hydrobiology of the Great Man-Made river reservoirs
Saleh Hamad Baeo, Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed, Masoud Mohammed Qudih, Mohammad Al-Darawi Al-Ayeb, Fatima Al-Toumi and Nasser Amahmad Al-Sahli, 1997; 4 (1) 93-120  ​pdf

The effect of breed and feed on the carcass traits of calves
Adeeb Da’ud Kharfah, facilitator Yahia El-Mallah and Noor El-Din Mahmoud, 1997; 4 (1) 121-134  ​pdf

A Study on Congenital Malformations
Khalid Hamid Mohammed, Louay Mohammed Alani and Amal Mohammed Yacoub, 1997; 4 (1) 135-142  ​pdf

The effects of the composition and concentration of equilibrium solution on nature and extent of phosphate adsorption on soils
Hamad. Y. A, Eldoumi. F. M and ElMahi, Y. G, 1997; 4 (1) 143-164  ​pdf

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