Effect of Sucrose Concentrations  and Incubation Periods on in Vitro Rooting of Moris Pineapple (Ananas comosus)
Abdelhamid M Hamad , 2019; 34 (4)  230-242  ​pdf

Safety and Effectiveness of Total Thyroidectomy for Benign Multinodular Goitre
Naser Musbah, Hasan I. Fadel Saad  and Salma Saleh Mohamed  , 2019; 34 (4)  243-247    ​pdf

Effect of Flame Retardants and 1% Stabilizer on Burning and Melt Dripping Behaviour of PP Thermoplastic Polymers
Mastura Abdoalsalam A. Efhema,  Price B. Mottershead , 2019; 34 (4)  248-255  ​pdf

Effects of Folic Acid Consumption  on  Newborn Defects and Miscarriage, and Content Uniformity Analysis of Three Different Brands of Folic Acid Tablets Dosage Forms
Adel B,. Mohamed ,Azza M,. Ali, Samia A,. Magid , 2019; 34 (4)  256-264  ​pdf

Successful Treatment of Mesentric Panniculitis by Using Small Doses of Steroid for a Short Period: Case Report
Olla A M Ibrahim , Salah M Alwamy and Enas M Alhaen , 2019; 34 (4)  265-270 ​pdf

Study on some hemato-biochemical changes associated with Babesia Bovine in cattle of El-Wisata -Libya
Nagia A. S.Abdalsalam , Safia Hazawy and Hamzah Othman , 2019; 34 (4)  271-278  ​pdf

Nasal and Hands Carriage Rate of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus among Health Care Workers at Alwahda Hospital, Derna
Hussain Y. H. Khnfar,   Dalal A. Thaood,   Ilham O. A. Abdraba,   Intesar N. Omran,   Guma M. K. Abdeldaim , 2019; 34 (4)  279-287  ​pdf

Identification and Morphological Description of Xylocopaspecies (Xylocopidae: Hymenoptera) in North Eastof Libya
Marwa Y. H. Elmabruk and Ali A. Bataw , 2019; 34 (4)  288-305  ​pdf

A Comparative Analysis of the Outcomes of Carotid Stenting and Carotid Endarterectomy in the Management of Carotid Stenosis
Hasan I. Fadel Saad,   Mustafa Noom ,   Khalid Shnab  and Abdel Magid El Osta4 , 2019; 34 (4)  306-314  ​pdf

Using The Inverted Distance Weighting Method (IDW) to Produce Maps of Some Soil Properties at the Agricultural Research Station, University of Tripoli
Magda Bashir El-beshti,  Abuabdalla Saad Sherif and Ehab Mohamed Sagar , 2019; 34 (4)  315-327  ​pdf

Survey of Some Fungal Diseases on Leaves of Rose Plants in Al-Bayda City, Libya
Nwara A. Mohamed,  Nawal G. Abdullah and Omar M. El-Sanousi , 2019; 34 (4)  328-337  ​pdf

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