Finite Element Simulation of the Instrumented Indentation Test to Estimate the Mechanical Properties for ASTM516-G70 and AISI1010 steels 
Ahmed. F. Elmisteri, Abdelbaset R. H. Midawi and Farag M Shuaeib , 2019; 34 (3)  117-129  ​pdf

An Evaluation of the Intensive Care Unit Resources and Utilization in Two Governmental Hospitals in Tripoli, Libya 
Ahmed Atia, Abdulsalam Ashur, Hosam Elmahmoudi, Ahmed Abired and Nafisa Bkhait , 2019; 34 (3)  130-136  ​pdf

Survey on common causative agents of dermatophytosis in El-Beida Libya
Khawila S. O. Bubaker , 2019; 34 (3)  137-145  ​pdf

The Therapeutic Effects of Fenofibrate on Blood Serum Lipid in Type II Diabetic Patients in El-beida, Libya 
Yahya Saber E. Mansour and Nusieba A. Mohammed Ibrahim , 2019; 34 (3)  146-152  ​pdf

The Influence of the Lineament Geological Features on the Hydrologic Flow Direction of Wadi Al Kuf Catchment Area, Cyrenaica, Northeastern Libya
Ammar A Ammar , 2019; 34 (3)  153-164 ​pdf

Rare Case of Bilateral Maxillary buccal exostosis in the anterior region of Libyan female patient: Case Report & Literature Review
Huda Mohammed Aljalali and Ali Mohammed Elmurtadi , 2019; 34 (3)  165-171  ​pdf

Determination of Nicotine in Libyan Smokers’ Urine Compared with that of Nonsmokers using Reversed Phase – High Performance Liquid Chromatography (RP-HPLC)
AGalal Elmanfe, Suad K. Omar, Noreldin S.Y. Abdolla and Amna M. Hassan, 2019; 34 (3)  172-180  ​pdf

Effect of climate factor on some physical soil properties at Al-Jabal Alakhdar, Libya
Ahmed Y. Habel, Murad M. Aburas* and Sery F. Mohamed , 2019; 34 (3)  181-194  ​pdf

Variation of the specific gravity and fiber length of Juniperus phoenicea L. tree grown in AL-Jabal AL- Akhdar Region 
AHameda A. y. Faraj and Anees M. Mahmood , 2019; 34 (3)  195-205  ​pdf

Evaluation of microbial contamination of domestic and imported poultry meat in Benghazi city markets, Libya
Bakkar Ali Haj-Saeed, Adel M. Milad Ishlak and Abdalla M. Abdalla Mansour, 2019; 34 (3)  206-217  ​pdf

Comparing the effect of different treatments for breaking seeds dormancy of Brachychiton populneus trees cultivated in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar region-Libya
Sami mohammed salih, Ahmed amrajaa abdulrraziq and Sameer Salih mohammed , 2019; 34 (3)  218-229  ​pdf

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