Volume 34 Issue 1, 2019

Sexual Dimorphism and Morphological Variation in the Populations of Akis costitubera Marseul (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) By Using a Geometric Morphometric Approach 
Nasser S. Abd-Alaziz, Ali A. Bataw and Tarig S. Elmabrouk, 2019; 34 (1): 1-6   pdf

GIS-Based Groundwater Information System (GWIS) of Al Waseetah area: Case study 
Salah M Hamad, 2019; 34 (1): 7-18   pdf

The incidence Of Paget’s disease of the breast In Benghazi- Libya (During a period of 19 years) 
Tawfik Abuzalout, Hasan I. Fadel Saad and Salah Taktuk, 2019; 34 (1): 19-24   pdf

The Outcomes of Management of Necrotizing Soft Tissue- Infections in Lower Limbs of Diabetic Patients 
Hasan I. Fadel Saad, TawfikAbuzalout, Naser Musbah1 and Ahmed Farag, 2019; 34 (1): 25-32   pdf

Postpartum Uterine Bacterial Contamination without Clinical signs in Relation to Reproductive Performance in Dairy Cows 
Tawfek M. Barakat, G. Shawky * and Mohamed A.M. Ragab, 2019; 34 (1): 33-43   pdf

Prevalence of Pulp Stones in Libyan Subpopulation: A Panoramic Radiographic Study 
Samia .S. Alawjali, 2019; 34 (1): 44-55   pdf

Effect of Intraperitoneal Instillation of Bupivacaine on the Pain Scores post operation of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy 
Abdulbassit Alshallwi, Khalid Altashani, Ibrahim Elzawi and Khalid Elmesmari, 2019; 34 (1): 56-62   pdf

The Effect of Salinity on Wheat Genotypes during Germination Stage
Amal Ehtaiwesh, 2019; 34 (1): 63-75   pdf

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