Volume 33 Issue 3, 2018

Prediction of Landscape Function and Soil Surface Condition in the Libyan Rangelands Using Selected Spectral Vegetation Indices
Adel M. A. Mahmoud, Mohamed Hasmadi I, Alias M.S. and Mohamad Azani A, 2018; 33 (3): 155-163   pdf

Investigation of the Molecular Mechanisms Leading to Protein Translation Inhibition in Response to Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress
Abdulsalam Elfowiris, Terence P. Herbert, 2018; 33 (3): 164-176   pdf

Evaluation of Gallbladder Motilityin Patients With Functional Gallbladder Disorder
Salem Awami, 2018; 33 (3): 177-184   pdf

Age Structure and Current Status of Aleppo Pine ( Pinus Halepensis ) Trees on the Western Side of Sidi Alhumry Pine Plantation in Aljabal Al-Akhdar Region
Attia. A. Alsanousi and Abdusalam. M. Ali, 2018; 33 (3): 185-191   pdf

Hydrological Spatial Analysis of Wadi Alkuf Catchment Area, Cyrenaica, Northeastern Libya
Ammar A Ammar, 2018; 33 (3): 192-204   pdf

Effects of Different Types of Honey on Wound Healing in rats
Khaled. M. A. Hussin, Asma. Saleh. W. El-Mabrok, Nawara. M. B. Eissa, Akaram Husain and Marwan Saleh Wanes, 2018; 33 (3): 205-214   pdf

The occurrence of Ochratoxin (A) in soft wheat and its products under milling conditions used in some mills in Tripoli region
Amar M. Ellafi and Salem S. Zeegal, 2018; 33 (3): 215-221  pdf

Production and Estimation of Some Quality Characteristics of Traditional Sudanese Concentrated Juices (Hibiscus, Tamarind and Baobab)
Reem Ahmed1, Fatma Ezzat, Babeker Adam, Hagir Mohamed SalihAbd Allah and Hassan Ali Mudawi, 2018; 33 (3): 222-230  pdf

Effect of Ruta chalepensis L. extracts on some types of bacteria isolated from wound inflammation
Ahmed Amrajaa Abdulrraziq and Sami Mohammed Salih, 2018; 33 (3): 231-239  pdf

Improvement of Seeds Germination of Carob Trees (Ceratonia Siliqua L.) by Using Different Treating Methods
Sami Mohammed Salih and Ahmed Amrajaa Abdulrraziq, 2018; 33 (3): 240-249   pdf

Effect of Root-Nodule Bacteria on Growth of Acacia Saligna Under Salt Stress
Omran Ali Mohamed, 2018; 33 (3): 250-156   pdf

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