Volume 33 Issue 1, 2018

The effect of Microwave radiations on the germination of pea seeds and their associated fungi
Mohamed, N.A,  Abd El-Alai, A.A. and El-Gali, Z.I, 2018; 33 (1): 1-10 pdf

Isolation and identification of seed borne fungi on dry bean and determination of their location on seed coats
Ibtisam, M.Lashger, Zahra,I. El gali and Hanan, A. Khalifa, 2018; 33 (1): 11-17 pdf

Studies on Alternaria and Pestalotiopsis Fungi Causing Foliar Diseases of Pistacia lentiscus In Some Locales at Mid Region of Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar
El-Gali, Z.I. El-ssunossie,O.M. and Khlifa, H. A ,2018; 33 (1): 18-25 pdf

The effect of Dormancy Breaking Treatments on Germination Characteristics of Acacia mellifera Seeds
Ibrahim A. Eshkab, Abdullah Baitelmal, Mahmood B. Shanta , 2018; 33 (1): 26-35 pdf

Survey of plant parasitic nematode associated with cucumber plant L. Cucumis sativus in Al-Jabal Al-akther region
Naeimah Heebah Omar and Mohamed A. M. Adam, 2018; 33 (1): 36-44 pdf

Estimating some genetic parameters in several Wheat cultivars under different farming system fertilization
Tayeeb Farag Hussain and Mouheddin Mahmoud Rteba, 2018; 33 (1): 45-55 pdf

Survey study on pigeons breeding in El-Gabal El-Akhdar, Libya
Massuda A. El-Alami, 2018; 33 (1): 56-62 pdf

Allelopathy effects of Salvia triloba L. on seeds germination of Hordeum vulgane L., Zea mays L., Avena sativa L. and Ceratonia siliqua L
Hanan Ali Idris and Mohammed Ali Khalifa Omar, 2018; 33 (1): 63-68 pdf

Study of the effect of primary density and breeding periods on Intraspecific competition between species of the saw–toothed grain beetle Oryzaephilus surinamensis L (Coleoptera: Cucujidae)
Hanan Ali Idris and Abdul Rahman Yousif Al-Fitouri, Abdul Hamid Hassan Al-Mabrouk and Abdul Baqi Mohammed Hussein Al-Ali, 2018 ;33 (1): 69-74 pdf

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