Volume 31 Issue 2, 2016

Study of Forage Value and its Seasonal Alterations for Some Perennial Grazing Plants in AL-Jabal AL-Akhdar, Libya
Abugarsa S. A and Algosni J. S, 2016; 31(2): 1-10 pdf

Environmental and social impacts for the cultivation of wheat with the mechanized raised bed method in Al-Sharqia governorate, Egypt
Mohamed Ibrahim El-Kholy and Ghalia Mousa Ragab Mohamed, 2016; 31(2): 11-37 pdf

Soil depth in relation to soil properties at Lussaita area, Al-Jabal al Akhdar, Libya
Murad M. Aburas and Yousef F. Abdalrahman, 2016; 31(2): 38-54 pdf

The effect of nitrification inhibitors and sulfur on the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers added to calcareous soil on barley plant in El-Jabal El Akhdar region
Yosef, H. Abdalla, Ahmed, A. Majid and Omran, H. Abdelnaby, 2016; 31(2): 55-64 pdf

Performance evaluation of some infiltration equations in Aljabal Alakhdar, Libya
Osama A. Abdelatty and  Mohamed A. Momen, 2016; 31(2): 65-81, 2016; 31(2): 56-81 pdf

Determination of Sugar Content and Study the Effect of Heat Treatment on Hydroxyl Methyl Furfural of Honey Samples Produced from Different Areas in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar / Libya
Ramadan E. Abdolgader, Ateea A. Bellail, Mabruka M. Ali and Abrehem A. Hmed, 2016; 31(2): 82-95 pdf

A comparison between traditional methods and geographical information systems to determine the morphometric characteristic of the basin of Almjineen valley
Magda B. Elbeshti1 and Mubarka S. Alghariani, 2016; 31(2): 96-114 pdf

Prevalence of congenital heart disease among children in Aljabal Alkhdhar region, Libya: An Echocardiographic study
Mohamed Thabet Ali1 and Salah Moftah Hamad, 2016; 31(2): 115-122 pdf

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