Volume 30 Issue 1, 2015

Response of wild oat weeds to the mechanical methods and applicationtimeofcontrol underEL-Baydacondition in Libya
Tayyeb Farag Hessain, 2015; 30 (1): 1-9 pdf

On the Existence of A Unique Solution for Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations of Order m
Abdussalam A. Bojeldain, 2015; 30 (1): 10-17 pdf

The ability of two Leguminous Plants to increase Zinc metal tolerance by Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonization
A. S. Banni, Salah Hajomerand Y. A. Tayeb, 2015; 30 (1): 18-31 pdf

The accuracy of ultrasound as screening method in evaluation of blunt abdominal injury in Alwahda Hospital, Derna (2000-2005)
Salah Habil, Abdulbassit Alshallwi and Ibrahim Elzawi, 2015; 30 (1): 32-39 pdf

The Impact of Calcium Carbonate on the Bulk Density of selected Libyan Calcareous Soils in Al Jabal Al Al-kdhar Region
Ahmed Y. Habel, Kamal A. Abdalgader and Atia E. Aldifry, 2015; 30 (1): 40-50 pdf

Economic and Analytical Study for the Food gap of Wheat in Libya, and the possibility to reduce it during the period of 1995-2010
Abdul Hamid Tahir Suleiman and Khaled A. Mousa Allafi, 2015; 30 (1): 51-66 pdf

Land degradation at the southern slopes of Al-Jabal al Akhdar, Libya
Murad M. Aburas, Mohammed S. Yousef and Asama S. Alferjani, 2015; 30 (1): 67-79 pdf

Application of GIS for Designing Spatial and Non Spatial Soil Database in Eastern Region, Libya
Mukhtar Mahmud Elaalem, 2015; 30 (1): 80-98 pdf

Some factors affecting milk yield of Holstein-Friesian dairy cows imported to Ghot-Al Sultan Project (Libya)
Amaizik, S. A and Amir, M. A, 2015; 30 (1): 99-106 pdf

The influence of cuttings season and plant hormone on rooting of soft and woody cuttings of some ornamental plants
Abdalla M. El-Alwany, 2015; 30 (1): 107-116 pdf

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