Volume 3 Issue 1, 1996

Comparative Performance of Imported and Home Bred Holstein Frieeian Cows
M-K. A. Ahmed, A. D. S. Kharoofa, S. A. Salhab and A. A. Zaied, 1996; 3 (1) 9-25  ​pdf

The effect of some production and reproduction traits on daily average milk production in holstein-friezians 
A.A. Zaied, A. D. S. Kharoofa, M-K. A. Ahmed and S. A. Salhab, 1996; 3 (1) 26-43  ​pdf

Simplified equations representing the gradually varied flow in open channels using numerical methods
Shaker Abdul Latif Jalil, 1996; 3 (1) 44-62  ​pdf

Factors effecting dairy performance in Friesian and Friesian X Iraqi crosses
L. M. Al-Ani and A. A. Al-Rawi, 1996; 3 (1) 63-77  ​pdf

Influence of some socio-economics factors on farmers attitude toward agricultural task in Al Jabal Al Akthar/ Libya
Moayyed S. Habeeb and Mahmoud H. Abenouf, 1996; 3 (1) 78-98  ​pdf

Influence of nutrition on carcass traits in goats
Abbas Aliawi Nasser and Adeeb Daoud Suleiman, 1996; 3 (1) 99-111  ​pdf

Effect of salinitu and sodicity on Bacterial-Plant symbiotic relationship
Mikaeel. Y. Fiatori, Gadalla. A. El-Hassan and Youssif. E. El-Mahi, 1996; 3 (1) 112-128  ​pdf

Gene flow of IA IB and Io alleles in Libya
Louay Mohammed Al Ani, Mohammed Khair Abdullah, Khalid Hamid Mohammed, Ghada Awad Trabah and Salwa Mohammed, 1996; 3 (1) 129-140  ​pdf

Long term effects of pretreated municipal sewage water on some physical and chemical properties of soils under semiarid conditions
Faraj. K. A, Eldoumi. F. M, Momen. N. M and Elssaady. O. R, 1996; 3 (1) 141-163  ​pdf

The nature of the native and the fate applied P in Two soils differing in calium carbonate and clay contents
Hamad. Y. A, ElMahi. Y. G and Eldoumi. F. M, 1996; 3 (1) 164-182  ​pdf

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