Volume 28 Issue 1, 2013

Adsorption Kinetics of an Insecticide Diazinon onto Natural Clay
Mohammad S. El-Geundi and Assanousi A. Abufares, 2013; 28 (1): 16-28  pdf

Green’s Function Method for Ordinary Differential Equations
Fouad A. Zein Elarab and Abdassalam B. Aldaikh, 2013; 28 (1): 29-38  pdf

The Accuracy of the Electrocardiogram in Identifying Chronic Heart Failure due to Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction
Hanan G. K. Altalhi and Asgad A. Abdalgbar, 2013; 28 (1): 39-45  pdf

Adsorption Isotherm of an Insecticide Methomyl onto Natural Clay
Mohammad S. El-Geundi and Assanousi A. Abufares, 2013; 28 (1): 46-59  pdf

Effect of temperature, food quality, breeding periods (time) and overlap Factors affecting the propagation of varicose veins

Abdulrahman Al Fittouri,  Abdul Hamid Hassan Al-Mabrouk And Abdalbaki Hassan Ali, 2013; 28 (1): 60-69  pdf

The inhibitory effect of the extracts of the plants of the Akmil, Datura and Alqabar against some of bacteria and pathogenic fungi of plants

Nawara Ali Mohamed And Fawzia Muftah Abdel Salam , 2013; 28 (1): 70-81  pdf

Effect of marin extract on blood in rats

Farida Hussain Bouhteira, Nourah Ibrahim Al-Zayel, Abdel Salam Musa Bawalhaj and Saad Gharbawi, 2013; 28 (1): 82-99  pdf

Effect of temperature interferometry, food type, breeding period and insect species on the propagation of rice spinach and reactive flour beetle

Abdulrahman Yousif Al-Fitouri, 2013; 28 (1): 100-108  pdf

The role of growth regulators and anti-oxidants in reducing gray mold injury caused by mushrooms on onions

Zahra Ibrahim Al-Gali, Nawara Ali Mohammed and Amina Embark Larbd, 2013; 28 (1): 109-117  pdf

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