Volume 27 Issue 1, 2012

The causes and the proportion of extinction of the deer which are living in Libya Studied case of dorcas gazella in south region at jebel alakhder
Walid Said Kamel al-Gaddafi and Jamaa Abdel Salam Afihima, 2012; 27 (1) 29-9 ​ pdf

Feeding habits of diplodus sargus, from benghazi city coast, mediterrean sea, Libya
Mohammad El-Sayed El-Mor and Ali M. Abu-Grara, 2012; 27 (1) 40-30 ​ pdf

Some Physical Properties of Apple cv. “Golden delicious and Double red delicious” which cultivated at El Wesata – Al Bayda – Libya‏
M. M. Ibrahim and  A. E. Dress, 2012; 27 (1) 41-52 ​ pdf

Some clinical field studies on the effect of ceftiofour sodium in naturally E-Coli-Infected camels
Alsadek H. Bogzil, Gamal Shams, Rafi M. El-kaseh and Seham Malhat., 2012; 27 (1) 53-63 ​ pdf

The effect of papavarine on contractile and enzyme Activity and on Oxygen consumption of ileal smooth muscle of laboratory mice
Khalid H. M. Saad, 2012; 27 (1) 84-64 ​ pdf

Heat Losses Estimation And Heating Required To Cucumber Planted In Greenhouses Under AL-Gabal AL-Akhdar Region Conditions
Abdel-Wahab Ramadan Obaia, 2012; 27 (1) 85-96 ​ pdf

Properties of the internal structure and the natural properties of the triangular alloy Al – 17 wt% Ni- 10 wt% Cu
Emad Maqbool Abdulhadi, 2012; 27 (1) 97-104 ​ pdf

Dermatophytosis in Al-Gabal  Al-Akhader
Azza s. Abdelkafe and Muftah A. Nasib, 2012; 27 (1) 105-116 ​ pdf

Behavior of Dry Sliding Corrosion Properties of Aluminum – Magnesium Alloy Reinforced with Boron Carbide Granules
Emad Maqbool Abdulhadi, 2012; 27 (1) 117-124  pdf

Surgical trials of using a new ruminal cannula in sheep
Ashraf abdel-hamid Hegazi   and Almahdi. M. Akraiem, 2012; 27 (1) 125-135  pdf

Final infiltration rate as an indicator for soil erodibility prediction
Murad M. Aburas, 2012; 27 (1) 136-148  pdf

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