Volume 26 Issue 1, 2011

Effects of Azospirillum lipoferum strain isolated from Al Jabal Al Akhdar region and wheat straw on some physiological properties and nitrogen content of Triticum aestivum cultivars
Idress H. Attitalla, 2011; 26 (1) 9-25  ​pdf

Use of the esterase phenotypes for identification of  two Root knot nematodes species,  M. incognita and M. javanica for the first time in Libya beside the Pernieal patteren technique
Asma S. W. El Mabrok, Mohammed A.M. Adam, Azzeddin M.Y. Alawami and Mahmoud E. M.  Ehwaeti, 2011; 26 (1) 26-35  ​pdf

Effect of lighting systems on broiler performance
Abdel-Wahab Ramadan Obaia, 2011; 26 (1) 36-52  ​pdf

The first reported case of courteous leishmaniasis in the area of Green Mountain in Libya
A. M. Sharif and N. I. I. TowatiA, 2011; 26 (1) 53-59  ​pdf

Computer Program Development For Determenation Brooding Energy of Broiler Under Libya Conditions
Abdel-Wahab Ramadan Obaia, 2011; 26 (1) 60-71  ​pdf

Survey of some land snails in Jabel El-Akhdar area, Libya and the damage caused by Theba pisana To Brassica olerace
Marim salah Bou fatoum, 2011; 26 (1) 72-79  ​pdf

Identification And Survey Of Fire Blight Disease On Apple And Pear Trees In Jabel El-Akhdar Area, Libya
Ngaat I. Omar, Azzeddin M.Y. Alawami and Mohammed A.M. Adam, 2011; 26 (1) 80-94  ​pdf

Spectrophotometric and Electric  Studies on the Ligand 4–(4`–Phenyl–2`–Thiazolylazo) Resorcinol and Its Complexation with Some Metal Ions
Farid I. El–Dossoki, 2011; 26 (1) 95-112  ​pdf

Refractive Index Measurements of the Solvent– Solvent  Interaction, the Polarization and the Polarizability of  Some Mixed Solvents
Farid I. El–Dossoki, 2011; 26 (1) 113-136  ​pdf

Histological and immunohistochemical study on granular cell trichoblastoma
M. Sharif and M. Reinacher, 2011; 26 (1) 137-143  ​pdf

Conjugated linoliec acids : Synthesis in ruminant animal tissues and their effects on human health
Akraim F, 2011; 26 (1) 144-158  ​pdf

Pre-weaning growth parameters of Libyan Barbary lambs in three regions in northeast of Libya
Akraim. F, I. M. Mahasan, A. A. Mohamed and N. S. Bosaif, 2011; 26 (1) 159-167  ​pdf

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