Volume 25 Issue 1, 2010

The effect of using tuff on strength of concrete in hot weather
Ahmad J. Ibrahim, 2010; 25 (1) 9-22  ​pdf

The effect of using blast furnace slag on strength of concrete in hot weather
Ahmad J. Ibrahim, 2010; 25 (1) 23-35  ​pdf

Effect of organic and inorganic nitrogen fertilizers on onion yield and its quality
Mosa Mohamed AL-Gazery and AL-Gareh Mohamed AL-Gareh, 2010; 25 (1) 36-56  ​pdf

Effect Of Foodstuff Kinds And Particle Size On The Efficacy Of Poisoned Baits For The Control Of Ground Beetles Zabrus Sp. (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Zabrini)
Abdelkrim M. Amer, 2010; 25 (1) 57-66  ​pdf

Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Heterocyclic Selenium Compounds On
Hanan Abdul Galeel Al-Hazam , Naeem Taki Faily, Ahmed    Ali Alwaaly and  Attard F. Hassan, 2010; 25 (1) 67-75  ​pdf

Properties of Recycled Concrete Aggregate
Ahmad J. Ibrahim, 2010; 25 (1) 76-90  ​pdf

An economic study of the current state of fish resources and their uses at the global and local levels
Abdul Salam Abdulhafeez Al-Salai  and Masoudah Abdul Rahim Buaroush, 2010; 25 (1) 91-124  ​pdf

Study the effect of insecticide (chlorpyrifos) on sperm in white mice
Zainab Mokhtar Abdel Samie, 2010; 25 (1) 125-133  ​pdf

Adsorption Kinetic study of methylene blue onto carbon from olive stones activated by phosphoric acid
Saber E. Mansour ElMesmari  Hussein A. Khalaf    and Ibraheim A. El-Sarsour, 2010; 25 (1) 134-143  ​pdf

Study of some mechanical properties of low carbon steel dipped in (Al-14 Wt %Si) liquid alloy
Abbas. A. Aldullmey, Khalifa. S. Aldaghari, 2010; 25 (1) 144-152  ​pdf

The fluoride concentration in ground potable water samples of some regions of LIBYA
Hamad . M.I. Hasan, 2010; 25 (1) 153-160  ​pdf

Some surgical studies on hernias in sheep and gots
Almahdi.m.akraiem and Ashraf abdel-hamed hegazi, 2010; 25 (1) 161-176  ​pdf

Physicochemical properties of Nickel Picolinate Complexes
Abd-Elrahim Ben-Aweisha, Morsy A. Abu-Youssef, Saber E. Mansour and Fatin M. ElMagbari, 2010; 25 (1) 177-189  ​pdf

Experimental study on the effect of chlorabiravos insecticide on white rats
Ghayath Saleh Mahmoud and Amal Sulaiman Al-Hasadi, 2010; 25 (1) 190-199  ​pdf

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