Volume 24 Issue 1, 2009

Reproductive Biology of Diplodus sargus (Linnaeus, 1758), Benghazi Coast Mediterranean Sea, Libya
Ali Abu-Grara and Mohammad El-Sayed El-Mor, 2009; 24 (1) 9-21  ​pdf

Effect of different levels of nitrogen and organic fertilizers and their combination on vegetative growth and chemical content of onion leaves
Mosa Mohamed Al-Kazery and Al-Gareh Mohamed Al-Gareh, 2009; 24 (1) 22-40  ​pdf

An investigation on bacteria؛ causes of infants upper respirator tract infections in El-Gabal Alakbdar region-Libya
Azza s. Abdelkafe K.A. El-Ghareeb and  Muftah A. Nasib, 2009; 24 (1) 41-55  ​pdf

Growth of the green alga Ankistrodesmus under various NIP ratios, with spot light on the Molecular Taxonomy of its three species
Idress Hamad Attitalla, Hanan M.A. EI Mesmary, Faraj M. Shoaeb and Muftah A. Alhorer, 2009; 24 (1) 56-69  ​pdf

Thermal analysis study and thermodynamical parameters of some picolinate complexes
Abd-Elrahim Ben-Aweisha, Morsy A. Abu-Youssef, Saber E. Mansour and Fatin M. ElMagbari, 2009; 24 (1) 70-81  ​pdf

Isolation and study of several isolates of Tobacco mild green mosaic virus (Tobamovirus) on Nicotiana glauca Graham in Libya
Mahjob A. Ejmall, Omar M. EL-Sanousi and Salah S. EL-Ammari, 2009; 24 (1) 82-92  ​pdf

The present situation of pesticides usage on vegetables in protected greenhouses in Elbieda environs
Abdelkrim M. Amer, 2009; 24 (1) 93-104  ​pdf

Study the effect of some herbs used in diet on germination, growth, mitotic division and total nucleic acids content of Triticum aestivum L. plant
Amal Mohamed Eliwa Abdel-Hamid, 2009; 24 (1) 105-115  ​pdf

Viscosity P- coefficient and thermodynamic parameters for Viscosity flow of some electrolytes During the passage of Alternating current at different voltages
Saber E. Mansow, Ibrahtm H. Hasieb and Nadhim Abdul- kariem, 2009; 24 (1) 116-123  ​pdf

Viscosity-Coefficient and thermodynamics Parameter for Viscosity Flow of Some Amino Acids During the Passage of Alternating Current at Different Voltages
Saber E. Mansow, Ibrahtm H. Hasieb and Nadhim Abdul- kariem, 2009; 24 (1) 124-133  ​pdf

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