Volume 23 Issue 1, 2009

Mineralogical & Granular Sizes Comparison of Zircon
Shoukr Ali Khalil Al-Salihi, 2009; 23 (1) 9-33  ​pdf

Knowledge of agricultural extension Workers in the field of integral Weed control in the region of AlGabal Alakhtar
Abdel  Aziz  A. Awad and Dakhel H. Alzabidy, 2009; 23 (1) 34-45  ​pdf

Physiological Evaluation to Improve Growth and Yield
Saleh A. Khaled, 2009; 23 (1) 46-54  ​pdf

Studying the ability of using no-fines concrete blocks in load bearing and non-load bearing walls
Rabah Basheer and Mohammed Taher, 2009; 23 (1) 55-74  ​pdf

The differences study between wild and aquaculturc gealthead sea bream Sparus aurata L. 1758. II: The biochemical differences wild and aquaculture gilthead sea bream
Hussain A. Al-saady Refaat G. Abu Elela and Haneen M. Ali , 2009; 23 (1) 75-90  ​pdf

Chemical evaluation suitability of different water resources for soil irrigation
Adel Al-Farajani, Yousef Hamad Abdullah and Mikhail Yousef Al-Fitouri, 2009; 23 (1) 91-101  ​pdf

Genetic variation of Saaidi date palm cultivar in Libyan Oases
Ezzudin Shoaip Mohamed Ali. Idress Ahmed Alghani and Ali Mekail Khalifa, 2009; 23 (1) 102-111  ​pdf

Improving the properties of fresh and hardened concrete by using high range water reducing admixtures (super plasticizers)
Rabah Basheer and Mohammed Taher, 2009; 23 (1) 112-126  ​pdf

Tolerance of some rhizobium leguminosae bv. Vicia strains to different salt concentions
Faraj Mohammed Shoaib, Mikael Youssef Fetouri and Driss Hamad Attia Allah, 2009; 23 (1) 127-140  ​pdf

Epr of Free Radicals Forming When Exposed to X-Ray Radiation From Acidic Organic Polymer
Ibrahim, Saber E. Mansour and Osama Amine Desouky, 2009; 23 (1) 141-151  ​pdf

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