Volume 17 Issue 1, 2008

The Effectiveness and Two Substances Apistan and Bayvarol against Varroa Jacobsoni oudemaus
H. Ali Oglo, 2008; 17 (1) 9-14  ​pdf

Study effect of Fusarium wilt fungus (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici) on biochemical changes on two tomato cultivars
M. Salem Abu Hadma, Issa. A. Abugharsa and Mohammed A. Saeed, 2008; 17 (1) 15-24  ​pdf

Examination of Cysts and Calculation of Reduction Percentage
Fathi Mohamed Ali , Wahida R. Ali and Abdusalam M. Aboalhaj, 2008; 17 (1) 25-40  ​pdf

Effect of Initial Chemical and Physiological Properties of Fruits of Some Peach Cultivars at Harvest on Fruit Rot development
M. Y. Alawami , 2008; 17 (1) 41-52 ​pdf

Study the Effect of Alternaria Toxins (AAL) on Root Tip Cells of Vicia faba
I. A. Abogharsa, A. A. El-Maleh and H. A. Khattab, 2008; 17 (1) 53-61  ​pdf

Determine and Control the Powdery Mildew Causal on Cucumber and Squash Plants in El-Wasta Green Mountain
I. A. Abogharsa, M. K. Ehwaeti and Y. M. Younis, 2008; 17 (1) 62-73  ​pdf

Studies of Some Physiological Traits on Spanish Goats Under Al-Gabal Al-Akhdar Conditions
Ibrahim M.T. El-Jarai, Salem A. Amaizik and Belkassem M. Belkassem, 2008; 17 (1) 74-86  ​pdf

Response of Two Summer Squash Hybrids to Graded Doses of Nitrogen Fertilization
Hassan B. Al Baba, Suleiman Omar Jadallah, Driss Ahmed Jahani and Ibrahim Zayel Ibrahim, 2008; 17 (1) 87-107  ​pdf

Measurement of Some Egg Traits in Exotic and Foreign Strains Under El-Gabal El-Akhdar Conditions
S.A. Amaizik and I.M. El-Jarari, 2008; 17 (1) 108-115  ​pdf

The Role of the Agricultural Loan on the Development of Animal Sector in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar Municipality
Rabiea K. Khalifa, Faisal M. Shallof and Adly S. Tolba, 2008; 17 (1) 116-143  ​pdf

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