Volume 15 Issue 1, 2007

Chemical control of Rhizoctonia solani isolated from seed of local cultiver of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Najah S. Abdulla, 2007; 15 (1) 9-23  ​pdf

Anthelmintic Trials Against Gastrointestinal Nematodes and Lungworms in Sheep
Abdul Aziz Jameil Alani, 2007; 15 (1) 24-32  ​pdf

Cryptospordiosis in children and calves
Abdul Aziz Jamil Alani, 2007; 15 (1) 33-41  ​pdf

Epidemiological study of intestinal helminthes in sheep
Abdul Aziz Jamil Alani, 2007; 15 (1) 42-47  ​pdf

An Investigation on bacterial causes of urinary tract infection in AIGabl EI-Akhdar (EI-Bieda) Libya
Azza, S. A. Menshawy, Ezzat, M and Hafed, A. EI-Sharif, 2007; 15 (1) 48-57  ​pdf

Microbiological Study of Mixed Spices Sold in Stores in Tripoli
Salah Omar Abu Khabta and Mohamed Suleiman Ihtash, 2007; 15 (1) 58-74  ​pdf

Evaluation susceptibility of some chick-pea cultivars to root- rot and damping-off disease caused by M acrophomina phaseolina
EI-Gali, Z. I, 2007; 15 (1) 75-83  ​pdf

An analytical study of knowledge levels for cow breeders in some regions of AI-Gabal AI-Akhtar- libya
Dakhel Hussein Alzobaidy, Mohammed A. Mohammed, Hassan A. Daghash and Ibrahim S. Milad, 2007; 15 (1) 84-98  ​pdf

The Role Of Local And Foreign Investment In Developing The Libyan Economy (An Econometrics Comparative Study)
Othman H. Al-Saiedi and Ali M. Faris, 2007; 15 (1) 99-115  ​pdf

Study of some blood components of Damascus goats under Aljabal Alakhdar region (Libya)
El-Jarari, I, Amaizik, S and Belgassem, M, 2007; 15 (1) 116-132  ​pdf

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