Volume 12 Issue 1, 2005

Survey and seasonal occurrence of some Neuropteran species in El-Beida region, Libya
A.H.Amin and A.H. EL-Mabrouk 2005; 12 (1) 9-24  ​pdf

Survey of plant hosts and natural enemies of two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae Koch in some sites of Al -jabal Al-Akhdar region, Libya
A.H.Amin and A.H. EL-Mabrouk, 2005; 12 (1) 25-35  ​pdf

The Post Graduate Studies-Reality and the Future Horizons (A Case Study in the Faculty of Agriculture University of Omar Al-Mouktar)
Dakhel H. Elzobaidy, Mohammed A. Ferkash and Mohammed A. Mohammed, 2005; 12 (1) 36-46  ​pdf

Biochemical study on the constituents of apricot seed kernels
Mohammed Ali Kassem, 2005; 12 (1) 47-57  ​pdf

Biochemical study on the amino acid content of storage proteins of stone seed (prunus armeniaca L) during break the dormancy and germination
Mohammed Ali Kassem, 2005; 12 (1) 58-71  ​pdf

A preliminary survey of phytophagous mites and predaceous mites on some vegetable crops in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar region, Libya
Omran A. Abugela and Adil H. Amin, 2005; 12 (1) 72-82  ​pdf

Isolation and Identification of Python pathogenic Fungi Accompanied with Seeds of Some Leguminous Species
N.S. Abdallah, M.A. Saeed and O.M. Elsanousi, 2005; 12 (1) 83-100  ​pdf

Chemical control of Fusarium solani isolated from Local – Bean seeds, in laboratory and in greenhouse conditions
N.S. Abdallah, M.A. Saeed and Saleh A.M. Ghafir, 2005; 12 (1) 101-114  ​pdf

Mathematical Model for Calculation of Poverty Rate in Libya
Lamien Manfor, 2005; 12 (1) 115-130  ​pdf

Measurement of some egg traits in exotic and foreign strains under ElGabal El-Akhdar conditions
S. A. Amaizik and I. M. El-Jarari, 2005; 12 (1) 131-137  ​pdf

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