Volume 11 Issue 1, 2004

Cycloxydim and Gallant (Haloxyfop) Herbicides Efficacy to control wild oat Avena fatua
Taib. F.H, 2004; 11 (1) 9-22  ​pdf

Variation in gene expression of total protein of Allium cepa root tip under different concentration of Dursban
A. H. Al-Saadi, I. O. El-Awami and N. S.EL-Hadad, 2004; 11 (1) 23-39  ​pdf

Toxicity evaluation of Some insecticides to The Cotton Leaf Worm Spodoptera littoralis (Biosd.) (Lepidptera; Noctuidae)
Salma S. Moftah, Ifdial O. EL-Awami and Ramadan E. Abdel-kader, 2004; 11 (1) 40-57  ​pdf

The First Discovery of the Tracheal mire Acarapis woodi in Honybee in AlJabal Al-Akhdar
Hashmi A. Agleyo, 2004; 11 (1) 58-63  ​pdf

The Damage of diferent densities of M. incognita and M. javanica on tomato cv. Rio grand
Mohamed A. Mussa, M. E. Ehwaeti and A.A. El-Maleh, 2004; 11 (1) 64-74  ​pdf

Susceptibility of some tomato cultivars to infection by Fusarium wilt and effect of different level of fertilization on invitro disease development
Azzeddin M. Y. alawami, 2004; 11 (1) 75-83  ​pdf

The effect of storage temperatures and polyethylene packaging on the keeping quality of apple fruits cv. Rome Beauty grown under environmental condition of El-Gabel El-Khder area
Suleiman O. Gadalla, 2004; 11 (1) 84-99  ​pdf

Microstructure study of Ce-doped – Ceramics containing Zinc and Cerium oxides
D.M. Ibrahim and Osama .A .Desouky, 2004; 11 (1) 100-115  ​pdf

Preparation of Zinc Oxide Varistors With Cerium Oxide 
D.M. Ibrahim and Osama .A .Desouky, 2004; 11 (1) 116-129  ​pdf

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