Volume 10 Issue 1, 2003

Agricultural education-actuality and Ambition
Dakhel Hussein Alzobaidy and Mohammad A. Mohammed, 2003; 10 (1) 9-24  ​pdf

Competition Ability of Some Weeds to Crop Growth And Yield in Gabal Akhdar Area
Taib Farag Hesean, 2003; 10 (1) 25-32  ​pdf

Association of the bacteria Xanthomonas campestris pv. pruni with leaves spot disease in Green Mountin District
Fawzia M. Abonesira, Fathi S. AlMesmari and Wail Y. AlDabbgh, 2003; 10 (1) 33-57  ​pdf

The Use of Lupin Flour to produce food by extrusion cooking
Zeinab Haron Mohammed and Mohamed H. Boskaya, 2003; 10 (1) 58-69  ​pdf

Studies Using Salcylaldehyde Chromone Derivatives as Mixed Ligands in Preparation of some Complexes
Suleiman O. Gadalla, 2003; 10 (1) 70-77  ​pdf

The effect of storage temperatures and storage duration on the keeping quality of apple fruits cv. Golden Delicious grown under the environmental condition of
El-Gabal El-Akhder area, 2003; 10 (1) 78-92  ​pdf

The Effect of Cutting Type; Soil Type and Growth Regulator IBA on the Rooting of Softwood and Hardwood Cuttings of Spring and Winter in Native Atriplex halimus L.
Omar Sharash and Mohamad Adrawi Alaib, 2003; 10 (1) 93-100  ​pdf

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