Volume 1 Issue 1, 1992

Origins of writing scientific research
Walid Mohamed Siraj, 1992; 1(1): 13-18 pdf

Effect of early weaning on growth of Libyan Barbary sheep
Abdalla A. Zaied and Ayad F. Magid, 1992; 1(1): 21-26 pdf

Growth rates and some reproductive traits in the Libyan Barbary sheep
ٌRafik ben Amer and Khair Abdalla Ahmed, 1992; 1(1): 27-30 pdf

Effect of different levels of urea and Carob cack on digestion and growth raste in sheep
Mohamed El Senoussi Ben Amer, 1992; 1(1): 31-41 pdf

Powdery mildew on carob first recorded in the Green Mountain Area of Libya
Salh. Hussen Elmagbary, 1992; 1(1): 71-74 pdf

An addition to the entomological fauna of Libya
A.A. Bataw and A. Ben-Saad, 1992; 1(1): 75-77 pdf

Scientific description of some types of beetles belonging to a tribe (Coleeoptre: Carabidae)(Harpalini) in Green Mountain Project
Adel Akrim and Abdullah Fadl, 1992; 1(1): 78-87 pdf

Allergic Bacteria Bacillus Tharyngensis Microbial larvae of mosquitoes for different doses of insecticides
Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed and Saleh Hamad Baeo, 1992; 1(1): 88-95 pdf

Rotting of Soft Root Cuttings Olive (Ashrasi Cultivar) by IBA and IAA
Shahab, A. Wali and Karim. S. Abdul, 1992; 1(1): 99-106 pdf

The most importanr common factors which affect the food cereal gap in the Arabic world
M. Nakip and A. Mugassabi, 1992; 1(1): 109-122 pdf

Economic development in Libya and its role in agriculiture and industry
Faisal Miftah Shalouf and Jamaa Abdel Salam Afihima, 1992; 1(1): 123-133 pdf

A Critical Study of Spelling Problems
Abdul Gawad Abbas, 1992; 1(1): 141-153 pdf

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